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To be the best electric actuator manufacturer - Tandy-Valve Interview


在天津市津南区,有着一批专门与阀门打交道的创业者,他们凭着自己的聪明才智,自己的艰苦奋斗,在国内的调节阀领域稳稳地占据着一片市场,为我国阀门的发展和进步孜孜不倦地贡献着青春和汗水! “把阀门行业做好做精”是天津天蝶阀门有限公司梁恩功总经理当初创业的梦想,而他为这个目标已经走过了数载。

In JinNan, Tianjin, there are a group of entrepreneurs who deal with valves. They rely on their own intelligence and wisdom, their own hard work, and they firmly occupy a market in the field of domestic control valves, which is the development of China's regulating valves. Progress and tirelessly contribute youth and sweat! "To do a good job regulating valve" is the dream of the general manager Liang Engong of TianJin Tandy-Valve CO.,LTD, and he has already passed many years for this goal.


Entrepreneurship hardships, perseverance


TianJin Tandy Valve CO.,LTD was founded in 2010 and started with electric actuators. At the very beginning of the establishment, companies walked in a technically imitation way. However, due to the lack of technical strength, the samples produced were not mature and often failed during the test phase, not to mention batch production. In order to find out the differences between their products and competitors' products,  Liang purchase a large number of actuators of famous foreign brands, dismantle them, compare them one by one, and continue to learn and summarize. Yu Zhuo and his partners finally mastered the core technology of electric actuators, and took the first generation of products that really belonged to them. At this time, the company was already running out of bounds, and the starting capital was almost exhausted. With the advent of the first generation of products, it made the company feel relieved. Thanks to its many years of contacts, their electric actuators have been used successively by Tianjin's valve companies. With the adjustment valve coming out of Tianjin, the company finally stepped out of business. first step.

More than two years of fumbling, so I am always soberly aware of the various types of products and the lack of technology is the biggest Tandy Valve. In the rhythm of the gradual withdrawal of funds, Liang wished to constantly reflect on the experience and lessons of the past three years. He made an important decision and hired experts and engineers in the fields of valves and actuators to work at Tandy Valve. Under the leadership of experts and engineers, the technicians of Tandy Valve Instrument continuously learn advanced products with representative brands from abroad and silently improve their own products. With the Bernard series electric actuator and QT series electric actuator, they are leading the way. With the launch of the second and third generation products, Tandy Valve's products have established a firm foothold in the control valve market in North China. With the continuous advancement of domestic control valve products, Tandy Valve Instruments' new products have emerged one after another. Today, they have launched more than 10 products with independent intellectual property rights, and contributed to the development of the entire Tianjin valves Industry. Credit. At the same time, they are constantly enriching their product lines and forming an integrated service centered on electric actuators and pneumatic actuators.


Manufactured from electric actuators, assembled to valves, and actually installed in the field, this cycle has a certain amount of time. Therefore, they have archives for each batch of electric actuators shipped from the factory. And these devices do occasional feedback surveys, solve user problems at the first time, to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.


Global management, harmonious development

“Enterprise management is a game of chess. It is like managing chess as a chess game.” Liang always mentioned. There are many occupations in society, but one of the most troublesome positions is management. People have different temperaments and personalities. If you want to manage people well, it is very difficult for everyone to be convinced that there is no overall view. In Qingyun Instrument, each team has a team responsible for each process. Each group has a team leader. The team leaders are responsible for accepting the task instructions of the workshop director and implementing on-site production management. On one occasion, the leader of the upper and lower two processes had disputes over the arrangement of the work. They had noisy for more than ten minutes. Most of the workers in the workshop stopped to watch their quarrel. After wishing to know the situation,  Liang immediately call the two team leaders to the workshop and arrange for other workers to continue their work. After he understood the cause of the incident in detail, he blamed the two team leaders on the fact that they were arrogant, and that both team leaders bowed their heads. The matter is very simple, because the quarrel caused by the disagreement on the arrangement of the work task caused more than ten workers in the workshop to stop production for more than ten minutes. “Everybody is just for work. There is no personal factor in it, but it cannot be dealt with in the right way. There is no overall view. I have played 50 big boards for them and I want them to understand that their mistakes The direct impact on the factory's production also directly affects their future management of their respective groups." This is a small story that  Liang tell. The story is short but meaningful.

Most of the employees of the company are local people, and some are foreign workers. Among these migrant workers, the longest time has been six years. The author wondered how these employees always wished to retain? I always wish to mention that among the foreign employees, what they value most is pure income, followed by the concern and welfare of the enterprise. In terms of salary, all of our staff is a standard implementation, not because the locals give more points, the foreigners give less. Everyone is equal in their work, only the differences in their positions. In my daily life, I especially solved the dormitory for the foreign staff and arranged work-ing meals for all the staff so that they would not be affected by the efficiency of going to work because they lived too far or because of the Chinese food. During the festive seasons, we usually add a meal together and engage in an activity so that they will not feel lonely because of the foreigners. People are talking about feelings. If you are good to him, he will be better for you. There will not be so many problems when you get along. People naturally tend to stay.


Service-oriented, reputation first


“Business is the beginning of a product, followed by a friend, and finally it is a person.” This sentence repeats the most words in the author's conversation. At the beginning of any business, people are not familiar with it. The two parties must be involved in product exchanges. The most important thing at this time is the product quality and after-sales service. Because we have strict quality control over our own products, and because we have a set of procedures for tracking feedback. In the process of continuously communicating with customers and handling problems, the two parties became more and more familiar and everyone became friends. The interaction between friends is definitely much more than the general customer relationship. At this time, the cooperation between the two parties is completely in good faith. In other words, it is life. I have always followed the criteria of “people must be creditworthy”. So over the years, my clients have become more and more friends.

Of course, the most important point at any time is the quality of the product. In front of me, I also mentioned the improvement and innovation of our technology. In fact, the ultimate goal is one: to constantly meet the needs of customers!




Behind every entrepreneur is lots of stories. Little stories can reflect a lot of truth. I hope these stories will bring new ideas to the audience. At Tandy Valve Instrument, we saw a true business leader who saw the development of Tandy Valve and sincerely hope that Tandy Valve Instrument will be better tomorrow!