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The working principle and features of explosion-proof electric actuator

Electric actuators play an important role in the economic development as a crucial link in industrial production, achieving the scientific development of this industry and bringing a new opportunity for sustained growth and development in China's automation industry. Explosion-proof electric actuators have always been the demand for industrial production in flammable and explosive places. Among Chinese industrial production, the most used explosion-proof electric actuators should be DKJ explosion-proof electric actuator and Bernard explosion-proof series actuator.

The working principle of explosion-proof electric actuator

防爆型电动执行器以4-20mA 电流信号或0-10V DC 电压信号为控制信号,通过380V/220V/110V 交流电源为驱动电源,防爆型电动执行器用于控制0°~270°旋转的阀门及其他同类产品,可使阀门运动到所需位置,实现其自动化控制,防爆型型产品有dI和dIIBT4两种,dI适用于煤矿非采掘工作面;dIIBT4用于工厂,适用于环境为IIA、IIB级T1~T4组的爆炸性气体混合物。
Explosion-proof electric actuators use 4-20mA current signal or 0-10V DC voltage signal as control signal, and use 380V/220V/110V AC power supply as driving power. Explosion-proof electric actuator is used to control 0°~270° rotating valve and other similar product, which can make the valve move to the desired position and realize its automatic control. The explosion-proof products are divided into dI and dIIBT4. The dI is applicable to the non-digging working face of the coal mine. The dIIBT4 is used in factories and is suitable for explosive gas mixtures in the environment of IIA, IIB class T1 to T4.

防爆型电动执行器行程控制机构,采用十进制计数器原理,控制精度高。为全系列通用部件,其结构,其工作原理为:由减速箱内的一对大小伞齿轮带动主动小齿轮(Z=8),再带动计数器工作。防爆型电动装置-防爆型电动执行器如果计数器按阀门开、关的位置已调好,当计数器随输出轴转动到预先调整好的位置(圈数)时,则凸轮将转动90°,迫使微动开关动作,切断电机电源,使电机停转,从而实现对电动装置行程(转圈 数)的控制。目前防爆型电动执行器被广泛应用,主要用于易燃易爆的场合,安全系数高、操作功能强、性能稳定场所。
 Explosion-proof electric actuator stroke control mechanism adopts the decimal counter principle which has high control accuracy. For a full series of general-purpose components, its working principle is as follows: a pair of large and small bevel gears in the gear box drives the active pinion (Z=8) and then drives the counter to work. Explosion-proof electric device - explosion-proof electric actuator ,If the position of the counter according to the opening and closing of the valve has been adjusted, when the counter rotates with the output shaft to a pre-adjusted position (number of turns), the cam will rotate by 90°, forcing the micro switch to act, cutting off the motor power, making the motor stop, so as to realize the control of the electric device stroke (number of turns). At present, explosion-proof electric actuators are widely used, mainly used in flammable and explosive occasions, with high safety factor, strong operating function and stable performance.

The Brief Introduction of explosion-proof electric actuator features:

1.防爆型电动执行器外壳:铝合金外壳经硬脂阳极氧化和聚酯粉末涂层处理,重量轻,具有很强的防腐能力,防护等级可以达到IP6 7,另有防护等级为IP68的产品可供选择。能适用于各种严酷的工况环境。
1. The shell of explosion-proof electric actuator : the aluminum alloy shell is treated with stearic anodizing and polyester powder coating, light in weight, and with strong anti-corrosion ability, protection grade up to IP67, and there is also a option of products with a protection grade of IP68.It can be applied to all kinds of harsh working conditions.

2. The manual operation mechanism of explosion-proof electric actuator: manual operation can be achieved manually by pulling the handle of the clutch. After the power is turned on, the clutch can be automatically reset to realize the electronic control function. In addition, the size of the hand wheel is designed according to the torque required to open the actuator, and the explosion-proof electric actuator can be easily, quickly and conveniently opened.

3. The control board of explosion-proof electric actuator : high-performance integrated microprocessor, the installation site does not require complex settings, one-button auto-calibration and self-adjustment function provide a great deal of convenience to the public.

4. The seal of explosion-proof electric actuator : the seal adopts double O-rings to achieve bilateral direction sealing.

5. The motor of explosion-proof electric actuator: specially designed induction motor, with large starting torque, quickly reaching peak value after startup, and installed overheating and overload protection. With the characteristics of high output efficiency, high accuracy and low noise.

6. The gear and self-locking device of explosion-proof electric actuator: when the power is off, double worm gear mechanism and 2 reduction gear box, can prevent the valve position inaccurate because of the instantaneous inversion, and can prevent the reversal and ensure the accuracy and reliability of the valve position. In addition, the explosion-proof electric actuator has the characteristics of high output efficiency and low noise.

7.Explosion-proof electric actuator has advanced design and complete series: intelligent, switch, all kinds of signal output and other types can meet the needs of all kinds of automatic control. Small in size and beautiful in appearance, The shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, which made the lines smooth, and its volume and weight equivalent to only 35% of similar products. The structure is reasonable and versatile: the direct mounting of the motor, the integrated output, and the intelligent control module are integrated in the electric actuator and can meet the needs of various supporting functions. A variety of power supplies and speeds can meet the needs of various operating conditions. A variety of protection can make it easy to use: overheat and overload protection, double limit. No refueling, dustproof, waterproof, antirust, and can be installed at any angle.