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What aspects of the domestic electric device need to be improved


Looking at the mainstream products of China's electric devices in different periods, they are all affected by foreign advanced technologies to varying degrees, and some are technology-introduced, such as ROTORK, LIMITORQUE, SIEMENS and other well-known brand product technologies, however, there are almost no electric devices with a considerable level of domestic original technology. In addition to the above well-known products, AUMA, BERNARD, SIPOS and other electric devices also have a place in international brands. These electric devices have no identical features but have outstanding characteristics in terms of appearance, overall structure, transmission components, stroke and torque control mechanisms, manual mechanisms, and manual electric switching mechanisms.



In comparison, it can be seen that China’s electric device products have always had the problem of borrowing from imitation design and lacking of innovation and research and development. This should cause the industry’s attention because it reflects the real gap between China’s electric devices and advanced technology products.


Although the above-mentioned new series of product research and development will not be carried out for the time being, increasing basic research investment and technical reserves, and timely launching original technology electric devices that are in line with China's basic conditions are the fundamental way for the sustainable development of products and industries.



With the improvement of China's intellectual property and patent protection system, original technology products will bring more long-term benefits to enterprises, and will have far-reaching significance for improving the performance and quality of electric valves in China and reducing the import of similar products. To achieve this goal requires innovative thinking and innovative work modes, it should become the working topic in the industry and product development in the future.


China's electric devices and their industries have made remarkable achievements. In a relatively short period of time, they have narrowed the gap with the international advanced technology level. Products can fully meet the needs of domestic related fields. However, there are some problems that need to be given attention and solutions. The lack of independent innovation and excessive emphasis on low-cost competition are all negative factors that affect sustainable development.



The intelligent electric device is still the direction of product development, and the proportion of its applications will gradually increase, and the basic performance and the main components of the experimental research is the key point of the work. The coexistence of intelligent and common control electric devices meets the specific conditions of electric valve applications in China, and some special working conditions also require ordinary products.


The standards are general guiding technical documents for product design, manufacture, and testing, and this is very important. With the improvement of basic standards for electric devices, it is necessary to formulate some special product standards and technical conditions (or procedures) for electric valve applications.


As a major country for the manufacture and use of electric devices, products with original technology and independent brands are signs that the overall condition of electric devices has reached a certain level. The innovative thinking and innovative work mode are the only way to achieve this goal, and it is also the key to the further development of electric devices in China. For more information, please follow our official website,Sino-British joint venture Tandy Valve,a novel, the pursuit of extreme electric actuator manufacturers.